90 Pеrcеnt Hаvе Nо Idеа Whаt This Is…

Each day, our audience shares pictures of exquisite vintage items they encounter. Every now and then, we stumble upon a particular item that leaves us curious, and that’s when we reach out to you for assistance. Please examine the five items below and try to recognize each one. As ever, we’re grateful for your photo contributions!

from: Bill Harrington: “Anybody have an idea what this little guy is? Leather tool maybe?”

from: Jason Oltmanns: “A coworker brought this into work today. Does anyone know what this is? “

from: Kayleena Bambina: “Help! I’m old and can’t remember what I am used for? Any ideas?!”

from: Deb Lessels Gagne: “My friend has this gadget from her great grandmother. It has a sewing connection but she has no idea what it was used for. Any suggestions?”

from: Butch Scribner: “Any idea what this is? There were 5 of them in a box lot from an antique auction.”