Woman Sparks Debate

In a TikTok video, @theorganicmami discussed her parenting choices, causing disagreement. She said her daughter won’t have sleepovers or be left with male grandparents, uncles, or cousins for safety reasons. She insisted on making her daughter and son follow the same restrictions, such not going out late.

The mother also emphasized that her children would not be compelled to touch or kiss anyone and that parents should know secrets. She wanted her daughter to express herself and wouldn’t attend public school.

Comments were mixed. Some advised caution, citing bad sleepover memories. Some disagreed, citing sleepovers’ joy and memories. Some questioned her distrust of her male kin.

The video continued while Audrey applied makeup to her face. She said that she would treat both of her children the same. This means her son will endure the same rules that her daughter has.