10 Fun Selfie Poses for Girls & Boys + How to take a Selfie that looks great!

If you’re wondering what are the best selfie poses to make you look amazing, you’re in the right place!

In this guide, you’ll find all the selfie tips, ideas and poses to pump up your social media account and bring in all those lovely Likes.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll also learn how to take a selfie with our step by step guide, as well as what’s the most flattering way to pose for pictures.

Also, if you’re already a self-confessed selfie junkie, but you’re running low on selfie ideas or want to improve your game, you’ll find plenty of tips that will fit your needs.

So, point your smartphone at your face, and let’s dive right into the selfie poses and tips!

There’s a reason why things become classic; that’s because they work!

Holding the phone up and to the side with you looking straight at it is the traditional selfie pose.

This angle is flattering for most people because looking up prevents you from creating a double-chin. Also, by looking at the camera, you’re making a connection with the viewer, making it more powerful.

This is also a good one when you need to get a cool profile pic for social media.
2.Cover a part of your face

Credits: Anastasia Shuraeva (left); Ramy Kabalan (right)

This might sound strange, but it can be flirty and intriguing. You can hold a flower in front of you or stand behind some leaves.

Of course, you need to do this in a way where you can highlight the part’s that showing – for example, your eyes.

If you’re using a mirrorless camera for selfies, you might be lucky enough to have an ‘eye autofocus’ feature, which will lock right on to your eye, keeping it in sharp focus – see our guide to which selfie camera is best.

Another tip is to use your camera’s burst mode so you can choose the best shot from multiple images.

Finally, if you don’t own an iPhone and can’t take advantage of Portrait Mode, there are several good iPhone camera apps that allow you to defocus the background after you’ve taken the photo – check out FabFocus or Portrait Cam.

3. Stand in front of a neutral background

Credit: Oleg Magni

A distracting background can ruin a photo. To make yourself the focal point, you can stand in front of a neutral background.

If you can’t find any, you can always blur the background by turning on your smartphone’s Portrait mode, or by adding the blur later using Lightroom or any other popular editing apps.

For iPhone users, keep in mind that this feature is only available for selfies on the iPhone X and later.

4. Peek at the camera

Credit: Cottonbro

Hold the camera down or even place it on the floor, then, stand on top and peek at the camera. This is a good selfie pose for single portraits or groups.

Remember to use your smartphone or camera’s self-timer feature for better Instagram pictures.
5. Spread out the group

Credit: Oleg Magni

When you’re taking a selfie with your family or a group of friends, try to spread everyone out.

You can either set the camera up on a tripod or stay at the front holding the camera, then let the others populate the scene.

This way, you’ll have a fun and dynamic photo, such as in the impromptu swimsuit photoshoot pose above!

Another option is to lay down on the ground and take an aerial photo using a drone for selfies.
6. Hold your furry loved ones

Credit: Gustavo Fring

Who is as popular in social media as cats and dogs? Let’s face it, a furry friend is not only adorable, but it also shows a part of your personal life – this always makes a photo more honest and engaging.

There are many ways to successfully pose with your pet: you can crouch and hold it, carry it in your arms, or sit together on the couch. It all depends on the size of your pet!
7. Stand where you find good light

Credit: Giftpunditscom

Not even the best selfie pose will make you look good when the light is creating unflattering shadows. The best way to avoid this is to find a soft and even source of light.

If you’re taking a selfie outdoors, try to avoid the middle of the day. It’s better if you do it in the morning or afternoon when the sun is still low. Otherwise, you can find a spot under a tree or stand on a shade.

If you like to take selfies indoors, normally you’ll have softer light. A good way to find the perfect lighting is to get ready for the selfie and then slowly turn a little bit to the right or left to see which way the light is better.

8. Lay down

Credit: Cottonbro (left)

One of the most popular selfie poses for girls is to take a photo from the top down when they are lying down. This is a great way to show yourself fun and relaxed. If you’re into cute selfie poses for girls, this one is for you.

Make sure you fix your hair to make it look natural but cared for.

To enhance the laying down selfie, you can even include some objects around you, just like in flat-lay photography, which is always popular on Instagram.
9. Give your hands something to do

Credit: Anna Shvets

Sometimes we’re so concentrated on trying to capture the right expression that we forget about the rest.

The hands play an important part in our body language espcially when ‘frozen’ in a static selfie photo, so they need to be posed carefully too.

If you’re having a hard time finding a way to place your hands, grab something or give them something to do. This way, you’ll avoid any awkward selfie poses which look unnatural or forced.
10. Look away from the camera