5 teens killed as car mysteriously plunges into lake after work shift – rest in peace

Five teenagers were killed when their car swerved off the road and ended up submerged in a retention pond.

According to tragic reports, authorities are now working to piece together the cause of the crash, which took place in Fort Myers, Florida on Sunday, June 25.

The teens, all aged 18 and 19, were driving in a black Kia sedan when the driver of the vehicle lost control, causing the car to swerve into Top Golf Way and eventually crash into a lake.

Investigators say two females and three males were in the vehicle at the time. They have since been identified as Amanda Ferguson, Breanna Coleman, Eric Paul, Jackson Eyre and Jesus Salinas.

It’s been confirmed that four of the five victims worked at the same Texas Roadhouse restaurant. Only Jesus Salinas was not an employee there.

“We removed the vehicle from the lake,” said Detective Kyle Martin, with the Fort Myers Police Department.

“The investigation is in its very infancy. We’re still completing an investigation, so there’s not a whole lot of details we can provide as far as the mechanisms or what happened at the moment, so that’s still ongoing.”

Credit / Texas Roadhouse Fort Myers
Details regarding the accident continue to emerge. Police say the driver must have lost control of the car between 10 p.m. Sunday and early Monday morning.

Alan Hansen, a market partner for nine Texas Roadhouses in Florida, confirmed that the four teens who worked for the company had completed a shift on Sunday, with two of them getting off early.

Hansen said all had been employed by the restaurant for two to three years. “They were leaders in our restaurant,” he said. “They knew how to be great examples.”

According to Hansen, a memorial will be installed for the beloved teens in the restaurant.

“It’s a place of comfort for many of them,” he said. “These four kids, they worked with us a lot. They spent a lot of time here. This is where we come together to break bread, at Texas Roadhouse here tonight, and their families are obviously welcome. We just want to recognize their lives and the good that they’ve done in our society and in our group here at Texas Roadhouse.”

Rest in peace to these five teenagers. Such young souls snatched way so unfairly.

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