50 Parents With Humor Far Beyond Dad Jokes

When many of us think of our parents, we tend to think about people who have shaped our lives in some way or another. That certainly is true, but there is also something else about parents that very few of us admit.

Parents are not only there for us every day, they also can be some of the funniest people in our lives. This can be due to a cynical streak that they have, and at times it will come out or just because they have a good sense of humor.

Regardless, we have something to share with you that is sure to remind you of just how funny parents can be. If you haven’t had your laugh for the day, we have plenty of them for you below.

#1 My Parents Sent Me This From Their Retirement Community Today

#2 Genius

#3 My Dad Recently Got A 3D Printer And Made A Stool Sample For His Doctor

#4 My Dad Asked Me If I Wanted An Egg Sandwich. I’m Not Even Mad, This Is Genius

#5 My Parents Just Got Internet, And My Dad Is Already Showing Videos To The Neighbors

#6 My Mom Missed A Group Photo, So She Offered To Photoshop Herself In

#7 My Mom Makes Pottery Masks As A Hobby, And My Dad Is Going Quarantine Crazy. This Is The Result

#8 My Parents Wouldn’t Let Me In. Something About “Not Being On This List”

#9 I Jokingly Sent My Mom A Cutout Of Myself While I’m Studying Abroad. She Seems To Be Entertaining Herself With It

#10 Mom Told Me The Rooster Was After Her Today. I Had To Check Security Cameras To Verify

#11 Parents Waiting For The Bus On The Last Day Of School

#12 In My Mom’s Bathroom

#13 Parents Gave Me A Gift For College Today, Which Was All The Money That My Mom Found In My Pockets When Doing My Laundry

#14 My Mom Keeps Getting Homeowner Association’s Letters About Leaves In Her Yard. This Is Her Response

#15 Dad Bought Mom A New Mask

#16 My Dad Had Eye Surgery, And My Mom Asked Where He Wanted To Go For Lunch After. So Here We Are

#17 Parents Got Snowed In At The Lake House. Mom Sent Me This And Said: “Your Father And His Friend Are Out Of Control”

#18 My Dad Was Gonna Go For A Run. He Laid Down To Stretch His Back, And I Found Him Asleep 30 Minutes Later

#19 My Mom Has This Hanging Above The Dryer In Her Laundry Room

#20 This Is What True Love Looks Like. My Mom Taking A Picture Of My Dad Acting Like He’s Stuck In The Dryer

#21 I Dropped In On My Kids’ Zoom Classes. This Was A Payback For All The Interruptions To My Work Calls

#22 I Removed The Plastic Wrap From The Family’s TV Remote, And This Was My Mother’s Response The Next Day

#23 I’m 24 And Still Live With My Parents. This Is What I Got For Christmas

#24 My Dad Just Posted This Photo With The Caption “Spring Is In The Air”

#25 He Was Just Messing Around. He Likes Him A Lot

#26 I Came Home And Found This. I Love My Mom

#27 Someone Stole My Mom’s Zucchini From The Community Garden

#28 My Dad Gives All The Kids $100 Dollars Every Year In A Weird Way And This Year He Went All In

#29 My Daughter Turned 18 On Halloween, So I Carved Her The Scariest Pumpkin In Honor Of It

#30 After Helping With A Project, My Dad Accidentally Took My Husband’s Drill Bit Home In His Pocket. We Asked Him To Just Put It Somewhere Safe Until The Next Time We Meet And He Obliged

#31 My Dad Wanted To Take A Nice Picture With A Waterfall In Yosemite

#32 Proud Parents

#33 Told My Dad His Toast Could Only Be One Page

#34 My Dad Said People At Work Wouldn’t Stop Using His Personal Cup, So This Was His Solution

#35 You Know Your Pops Is Committed To Dad Jokes When He Stops In The Middle Of A Six-Hour Drive In Wyoming Just To Take This Picture

#36 My Dad’s Garage Organization

#37 My Mom Got Me Custom-Made M&M’s

#38 I Asked My 17-Year-Old Son What He Wanted To Eat For Breakfast

#39 My Mom Washed My Snuggie And Hung It Up In My Room I Almost Had A Heart Attack

#40 My Parents Have Contractors Doing A Long-Term Project, So My Mom Decided To Make It Festive

#41 I Made Fun Of My Mom Because She Didn’t Know Tomatoes Were Fruit. She Made Me Fruit Salad For Dessert

#42 My Dad Said He Found Some Cute Baby Pictures Of Me And Handed Me These

#43 Where Can I Get These?

#44 My Wife And I Went To Disney World. Also, The Kids Came

#45 I Got A Text From Mum Saying: “Your Dinner For Tonight Is In The Fridge.” This Is My Dinner

#46 My Mom Has A Picture Of My Dad In Her Wallet Like This

#47 My Dad Thinks He’s Funny

#48 My 87-Year-Old Dad Came To Help. Instead Of Finding Him Working I Found This And Not Him

#49 That Is The Most Horrifying Thing I’ve Ever Seen

#50 My Mother Just Told Everyone: “This Is The Vegan Option”