800lb Bride Discovers Love Anew Post Weight Loss

“800lb Bride Finds Love After Weight Loss”

Susanne Eman, once an 800lb bride, faced heartbreak when her fiancé left her after significant weight loss. In 2013, she dropped to 450 pounds for her wedding, but he called it off days before, saying, “Everything was supposed to be perfect, and then he split.”

To address her children’s health concerns, Susanne entered a slimming clinic, but her engagement ended. She decided to regain the lost weight, reaching 600 pounds.

Her new partner, chef Nick Abbate, once obese, now supports her as she is. He insists she shouldn’t lose weight, finding her irresistibly attractive. The couple, who met online, enjoy indulging in food together.

Susanne, known for her ambition to become the world’s heaviest woman, once aimed for 1600 pounds with her former fiancé. They prepared for an extravagant wedding, but health concerns led her to change her lifestyle. She lost weight, and their relationship ended in 2012.

Now, with Nick, Susanne has found love and acceptance, pursuing her goals on her terms.