Chris said to his mother, “See, Mom? I told you Santa was real, and the cops would find him!” after the officers had come gathering around their house.
His mother smiled at Officer Miller, as she said, “You were right, honey. Santa is real.”
Chris entered to a police station at New York, then he shouted, “Please, someone help me! I need help!”
An officer responded as, “Hey, kid. Come on. You can’t scream in here. We’re all busy,” then Chris explained the situation he needed help with to the officer, and officer laughed, as he said, “Please, kid. Tell me your mom’s phone number, so she can come to pick you up,”
Then, as Chris was leaving the precint, Officer Dean Miller approached to Chris, and said, “Hey, where are you going? Where’s your mom?”
“She’s home. I needed something urgent, but no one here will listen to me or help,” Chris said.
“Ok, tell me, and I promise to do my best.” Officer Miller said.
“I need you to find Santa and give him this letter. IT’S URGENT! It’s a matter of life or death!” Chris said, as he handed him the letter he wrote to Santa.
As Officer Miller smiled, he said, “Ok, kid. I’ll make sure to find Santa and hand him the letter. Now, let me drive you to your house because your parents must be worried,” then took Chris to his home, where his mother was waiting for him. At the door, his mother thanked to Officer Miller.
And until that night, Officer Miller was forgotten the letter which was sitting in his pocket. At night, as he was changing his clothes, he found the letter. He decided to read it, and wanted to learn what toy did Chris wanted from Santa, and if he could afford it.
But Chris wasn’t asking for any gifts. He wanted a new hearing aid for his sister, Sandra, since her old ones were broken.
But the emotional part was,
“My dad lost his job, and they said the aid is too pricey. Please, help us, Santa. Sandra is the best sister in the world, and I want her to play with me. Here’s our address, phone, and my mom’s name if you need to call her.
Thank you, Santa!”
As Dean put the letter to his desk, he wiped his tears. As he was doing his nightly routine, he couldn’t stop thinking about a way to help.
As he went to his police station, his partner, Officer Henning saw that Dean did not got any sleep last night. Dean explained the situation. “I’m wondering if I can do anything to help. I don’t know how much that hearing aid costs, though. I bet a cop’s salary might not be enough. But it’s almost Christmas,” he said.
“You know what? I have an idea, his partner said. “I know it might not be the best use of police resources, but hey, maybe this year we’ll do something different.”
As they entered to the station, they talked with everyone, and everyone wanted to help Chris with his situation. The officer at the I.T., had found the medical information of Sandra, and then the officers had talked with her doctor, and found out the needed hearing aid.
Everyone at the station had donated, and they bought the $4,000 hearing aid for Sandra.
Then the doctor wanted to be a part of the surprise, as he wanted to install it, freely.
“Ok, let’s go to the girl’s house and surprise her,” Officer Henning said, but Dean stopped him.
“Wait. Almost everyone at the station helped, and they deserve a chance to see this family’s happiness too, right?” Dean said.
“So what do we do?”
“Do you still have that Santa costume from last year?” then Dean asked. As Officer Henning laughed at first, then nodded his head, and went to find it.
Few hours later, Officer Henning went to the doorstep of the family, in his Santa costume. Chris’ mother had opened the door. “Ho ho hoo,” said Officer Henning, and called the kids out. Officer Dean Miller was there too. They had brought donuts, coffee, soda and snacks too.
Mr. And Mrs. Petersen were shocked, with the things they saw. Chris was jumping around, as he was holding his sister’s hand.
“They did it! They did it! Officer Miller, you did it! You found Santa!” Chris was screaming.
“Yes, we did, kid. And we have a huge surprise for you, little Sandra,” Dean said. And then handed a box over to Sandra. As the children were jumping with joy, Mr. Petersen had talked with some of the officers.
Then Officer Miller wanted to talk wtih Mrs. Petersen, which he said, “When I read the boy’s letter, I thought I had to do something, ma’am. Your doctor has already agreed to install the aid pro-bono. I hope it wasn’t too intrusive,”
“Of course not. I just… I have no words to express how grateful I am. Chris told me about the letter when you brought him back that day. We had to sit him and Sandra down and clarify that Santa doesn’t exist. Because there’s no way we could afford that this year. They both cried terribly. This… well, seeing my kids that happy about Santa, and the fact that my daughter gets a new aid… it’s magical. It’s like Santa really visited,” the mother said, as she was holding her tears back.
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