17-year-old Alex Batty, from United Kingdom, was eleven when he went missing in 2017. After six years, Batty was found in France. Authorities in Toulouse had found Alex, and stated that he is currently staying at a youth center, and he is possibly going to return to United Kingdom in a short notice.
It is reported that on 13th of December, Alex was seen by a motorist close to Toulouse, and Alex wanted his phone to talk with his grandmother in UK.
It was in 2017, when Alex went missing, on his vacation where he was with his grandmother and mother, in Spain. As his grandmother and mother’s locations were not spoken, due to their lack in parenting, the authorities were in search with the family since he was lost.
A police source stated that a motorist found Alex on a road close to Toulouse, at the Pyrenees, on the 13th of December. After they talked, the motorist took Alex to a police station.

A delivery driver, Fabien Accidini found Alex, as he was walking early in the morning, on the road in the Pyrenees. Alex said to Fabien that he was walking for four days, but he did not said where he came.
As Fabien wrote Alex’s name into the search engine, he learned that he went missing in 2017. It is reported that Alex was trying to went to the embassy to receive help. After Fabien found the boy, he alerted the French authorities.
Alex wrote a message to his grandmother from Fabien’s Facebook account. He wrote, “Hello Grandma, it’s me, Alex. I’m in France, Toulouse. I really hope that you receive this message. I love you, I want to come home.”
The authorities stated that Alex was living in France for the last two years, as he was staying in a remote valley in Pyrenees.
His grandmother, Susan Caruana stated, “I am so happy. I have spoken to [Alex], and he is well. It is such a shock,”
Caruana stated in 2018 that her daughter, Melanie Batty, and her husband, David Batty took Alex to a spiritual community out of UK, as they were on a spiritual journey to see people with alternative lifestyles.
The family stated that they left UK in 30th of September in 2017, for a week of vacation, and Alex was last seen in 8th of October, in the Port of Malaga.

Susan stated, “It’s an absolute nightmare…I just can’t explain to anyone how it feels knowing you might never see the grandson that you love so much, you might not see him ever again,”
At their time in Spain, Alex had called his grandmother, but his mother, Melnie stated that he should stop contacting to his grandmother. Susan Caruana stated, “And obviously, at that point, I just knew that they’re not coming back,”
After that incident, Melanie called Susan and stated that they are not bringing Alex back. The authorities had thought at that time that Alex started to a new life with a Moroccan commune.
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