Andie MacDowell struts the streets in a chic casual dress, with her gorgeous silvery hair framing her makeup-free face

Andie MacDowell, the iconic actor known for her distinctive curly brown locks, is now embracing her natural silver hair, advocating for “gray pride.” At 65, she confidently flaunts her makeup-free face, comparing her transition to gray with George Clooney’s. Starting as a model for high-fashion brands, MacDowell made her screen debut in 1984’s Greystroke. Her breakthrough came with roles in St Elmo’s Fire and the acclaimed Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.

A method actor, MacDowell worked in various roles, promoting L’Oréal hair products due to her beautiful brown locks. During quarantine, her gray hair began to grow, and despite her managers’ reservations, she decided, “It’s time.” In 2022, she posted a photo on Style magazine, captioning it, “As we age, we deserve dignity and pride.”

Continuing her acting career, MacDowell starred in Netflix’s Maid in 2021 alongside her daughter Margaret Qualley. They share a unique dynamic on set, with Margaret expressing the joy of her mom playing her on-screen mom. Currently filming Goodrich, MacDowell anticipates more opportunities to act with her daughter. Reflecting on her experiences, she values each moment in her career, emphasizing that there’s “no expiration date on beauty” or her acting journey.