Because the student’s facial tumor weighed 3 kilograms and was so large, the physicians had to use a hammer and chisel to remove it…

A tumor the size of a basketball was removed from a student’s face by the use of a hammer and chisel by the attending medical staff.

Adrián Espino, who is originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, was a youngster when his parents discovered a “bruise” on his face, which is when the lump initially appeared.

His mother, Maria, was quoted as saying, “I used to say to my husband, ‘Maybe he hurt himself, maybe he hit something’.” He never stopped sobbing and constantly covered his face with his hands.

However, the bruise ultimately grew into a three-kilo tumor that covered his right eye, lips, and nose. It finally consumed his right eye.

Despite several fruitless efforts to slow or stop the development of the tumor, Adrián’s condition continued to deteriorate.

His condition, Polycystic Fibrous Dysplasia, which causes specific bones to grow in random orientations as the body grows, was identified when his father, Adrián Sr., brought his kid to the hospital. There, he was treated for his condition.

“When the diagnosis came, the doctor said, ‘This is going to spread all over his face,’” the father added. This is only the beginning of things to come. This condition has no treatment available. The only way to put an end to this is if the sufferer stops developing. However, for the time being, the removal of the tumor will need a series of operations, one after the other.

He said, “I had a lot of thoughts of ending my own life. I allowed myself to slide into a deep despair. I encased myself completely inside my cocoon. On the other hand, there were constantly two things that were on my mind. I reflected on my personal sense of pride as well as on the pride of my family. I didn’t want to let up hold of you.”

But his optimistic outlook helped him get through the stares and cruel remarks, and he has been able to keep his sense of humor throughout it all.

He said, “I could wind up looking like Tom Cruise, but I don’t believe that’s feasible, is it? I have never stopped holding out for the possibility that everything may turn out okay.

Following their conversation with the physician, the father and son traveled a distance of one thousand miles to Mexico City in order to have a high-risk operation carried out by Dr. Laura Andrade Delgado.

Because the tumor had become so inflexible, it could only be removed by using a chisel and a hammer.

Dr. Andrade was able to remove the portion of the fibrous bone that was obstructing Adrián’s mouth and nose. This was done by removing the bone in pieces.

Adrián is doing quite well in his recovery three months after undergoing surgery.

He said, “The recovery process in the hospital was challenging for me because I had tubes inserted here for the reconstruction of my nostrils.”

It was painful for me to drink water.

The most difficult part is gone, and now Adrián is working on getting acclimated to his new appearance.

He said, “Before, I was always sleeping in a sitting position, but now I sleep normally, and my nose does not get blocked up.”

“I was able to tell a significant difference since it was in fact rather humorous. It seemed as though my brain was going in one direction while my body was going in the opposite. Because I had been so used to carrying around a weight there.”

Even though Adrián’s face requires more surgical remodeling, he is already looking forward to the future with ambitious goals.

He said, “To begin, the thing that I would like to do most is to finish my studies and publish my book, which is something that I have been yearning for, and I want to continue with my music.”

In spite of the challenges he faced, Adrián made it a point to have a good outlook on life by continuing his education and pursuing his passion for singing and music.

“I’ve never been one to look at the negative side of things. Who among us hasn’t, even while surrounded by so much activity, at times experienced feelings of isolation? he said.

I usually breathe via my nose, but recently I haven’t been able to due of the pressure that’s being put on the left side.