As he had gained fame with “Gilligan’s Island” and “ “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis”, with his goofy roles, his wife, Dreama Denver had talked about how great of a man and a father Bob was. She had stated for her husband, “special, special man”, who put his family in front of everything.

Bob Denver in “Gilligan’s Island,” 1964 | Source: Getty Images

As they had problems in their marriage, they had cove over everything. When Bob had started to drink a lot, his wife, Dreama was there to help him with his alcohol problem.
As he had fame with Gilligan, he also had played in a play from a local theatre, as his wife, Dreama was in acting game too, and one of her friends had put her into an audition for the same play, Play it Again Sam.
As they had met in the small play, they had romantically involved roles. As she had stated, “I got the part, and thought ‘I’m going to have to kiss Gilligan? Really?’ Little did I know I would be doing those love scenes for the next 28 years.”

Bob Denver on February 3, 2004 in Marina Del Rey, California | Source: Getty Images

After the play, they had started dating, and short after, got married. They had some problems in their marriage, and one of the great obstacle on their way was Bob’s problem with alcohol. His wife stated that he was drinking because he had no ideo to deal with the fame he was gaining.
Sometimes she had enough of it and left, but everytime, Bob brought her back. She always ended up stayin at her husband’s side even though he was having alcohol problems.
Their son, Colin Denver had changed their lives. Dreama stated that people had thought that they were rich, since Bob was a famous actor, but as she said, they were struggling with economics.
With their third child, Colin, they got even worse, in terms of finance. As they had found out that their son had some problems on developing, they went to a doctor at the UCLA Medical Center, and the doctor stated that the young boy was “retarted.”

Bob Denver and Dreama Denver, circa 1981 in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

Their son, Colin was diagnosed with severe autism and seizure disorder, that meant he needed to be in front of their eyes all the time, in case of he needs their help. With that, Bob had changed his life, stopped his drinking, and his career.
For their son’s 39th birthday, Dreama had shared a picture on her social media account, and captioned it as, “For all of his 39 years, this boy has owned my heart. I wish his dad could see him now, especially the little balding spot on the crown of his head. Like me, I don’t think Bob would believe it! Happy Birthday, Colin-O! Your dad and I love you now and forever.”
Unfortunately, Bob couldn’t see his son’s 39th age, since he had lost his voice in 2004, and in 2005, he had lost tremendous amount of weight. After consulting to a doctor, he was diagnosed with stage IV hypopharyngeal cancer.


At the time he was diagnosed with the disease, it was already too late, since the cancer was spread to his sinuses, his larynx, his tongue, thyroid gland, neck muscles, and lymph nodes in his lower jaw. After his passing, Dreama said, “His legacy was the love of his fans. He always said that that made him richer than any residuals could have.”
He passed away on 2005.

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