Can you find the large dog hiding in this kitchen?

Can you spot the hidden dog in this kitchen? Optical illusions like this one can really trick your brain. The image, shared by Christina Suvo, sparked skepticism as it seemed devoid of any living beings. But trust me, there’s a dog there.

If you’re struggling to see it, don’t worry. Let’s break it down. Start by examining each square of the image, beginning with the top left. Hint: the dog is in box four, tucked away in the lower right corner.

Still no luck? Focus on the contrast between the dog’s lighter stomach and the dark carpet. Look for subtle details like his eyes, ears, and belly. In fact, the lighter color of his tummy and the pink inside his ears make him slightly easier to spot.

If you’re really struggling, the highlighted version should help. Now you can clearly see the dog’s face with his long nose and big, adorable eyes. He’s an adult black Labrador, a breed known for weighing between 65-75 pounds (30-35 kilos).

It’s quite impressive how such a large dog managed to camouflage himself in this picture!