Cote de Pablo Talks About the Series NCIS: A Lot of Criticism!

In a recent interview, actress Cote de Pablo opened up for the first time about her role in the popular series “NCIS” and her experience with continuous criticism. De Pablo, known for her portrayal of Ziva David, has faced numerous evaluations and comments from critics, making her feel compelled to speak about her journey.

She revealed that despite the show’s immense success, criticism has been a constant part of her path. “When you’re in a big TV show, expectations are high, and you feel the pressure to always perform at the highest level. Criticism is a natural part of this industry, and you have to know how to handle it,” she said.

De Pablo also emphasized that her experience on “NCIS” has provided learning and growth opportunities. “Facing criticism has allowed me to mature and develop as an actress. It has made me stronger and more prepared for the challenges of the entertainment industry,” she added.

She concluded the interview by saying that, although criticism is tough to deal with, she is proud of her contribution to “NCIS” and will continue to work on other projects that challenge and inspire her as an actress. This interview helps fans see the deeper side of a talented and dedicated actress.

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