Customer Demands Warning For Restaurant’s Special Needs Employees, Owner Puts Up This Sign In Response

In a heartwarming display of dedication to inclusivity and support for individuals with special needs, a Greenville Pizza Inn has taken a bold stand after a recent customer complaint, asserting its dedication to fostering equal opportunities for all employees.

Amanda Cartagine, the restaurant’s owner, is proudly leading the charge for a more compassionate and understanding workplace. Recognizing the unique talents and contributions of her kitchen staff, Cartagine has made it her mission to provide an environment where individuals with special needs can flourish.

“I’ve held the firm belief that patience and empathy play a pivotal role in our interactions with them. When that pivotal moment of recognition arrives, their potential becomes boundless,” Cartagine expressed, underscoring the profound impact of cultivating their talents.

With a remarkable 63 percent of her kitchen staff having special needs, Cartagine ensures that every member of her team feels valued and integral to the operation. Their smiling faces and unwavering work ethic illuminate the restaurant, whether they’re serving up pizza or diligently washing dishes.

However, a recent incident shed light on the unfortunate ignorance that persists in some corners. An encounter with a customer who took issue with an employee with autism prompted Cartagine to take a stand. Despite privately explaining the situation and the employee’s responsibilities, the customer remained dissatisfied.

Refusing to allow such negativity to undermine her commitment, Cartagine decided to make a powerful statement. A sign posted on the front door now boldly declares, “We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and hire all of God’s children.” The message is clear: this establishment stands for acceptance, inclusion, and the celebration of diverse abilities.

Photo Credit: WYFF News 4

Photo Credit: WYFF News 4

Cartagine’s decision has garnered resounding support, particularly from those who understand the importance of fostering a welcoming and supportive environment. Angie Mosley, whose son Ryan, a young man with Down syndrome, recently started working at the Pizza Inn, expressed her gratitude. “We, as parents of children with special needs are always confronted with breaking down barriers, stigmas, teaching other people that our children are more like them, than different,” she stated.

For parents like Mosley, who have dedicated their lives to championing their children’s rights and potential, the Pizza Inn’s sign serves as a beacon of hope and progress. Through the power of simple words, businesses like this one have the capacity to challenge perceptions, dispel biases, and inspire broader acceptance.

Photo Credit: WYFF News 4

Photo Credit: WYFF News 4

While the incident may have exposed a small pocket of resistance, it has also spotlighted the resilience and determination of those who refuse to let ignorance overshadow the progress we have made as a society. Amanda Cartagine and her Greenville Pizza Inn have set an example for us all, reminding us that each of us has the power to create change and contribute to a more inclusive future.

Sources: WYFF

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