Dad takes daughter’s photo in front of giant horse, looks closer and can’t stop laughing

These days, it’s hard to find someone without a cell phone in their pocket. It’s excellent because you can snap shots whenever inspiration strikes, and occasionally the results exceed your wildest expectations (in a good way).

Clydesdale photobomb. – Scott H
This is how the dad remembers his daughter. He intended to snap a sweet photo of his kid but ended up with so much more.

We haven’t seen a photo this good in a long time!

When this little girl stopped to take a picture of herself in front of some horses on the street, she had no clue that it would go viral and make her famous all over the world.

Time reports that the image was first shared on the social news website Reddit.

There isn’t a ton of context for this photo, but it’s easy to speculate.

The day was probably fantastic for this little girl and her loved ones. They happened onto a parade where massive Clydesdale horses were on display.

She probably worked up the nerve to pet the horses, and her dad or an uncle probably urged her to turn around so they could snap a picture of her doing so.

The photographer told the young girl to “Say cheese” as she posed in front of the magnificent horses.

What a hilarious snapshot!

Clydesdale photobomb. – Scott H
According to Time, this incredible picture was originally posted on Reddit in 2016 by an account that no longer exists. It’s not clear whether The Wolf 101.5 FM first published the image online or if this is the first time it’s been seen online.

In any case, this photobomb is too funny to dislike. Forward it to those you know will enjoy it.

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