| Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger want to live forever

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, known for their iconic collaboration in “Twins” and “Junior,” recently discussed life, death, and the mysteries beyond in an Interview Magazine conversation.

Both actors contemplated the uncertainty of what happens after death. DeVito expressed the idea that we deteriorate, emphasizing the unknown aspect of the afterlife. Schwarzenegger concurred, dismissing the notion of reuniting in heaven as a comforting but unrealistic fantasy. He lamented the inevitability of separation and the things he would miss.

Schwarzenegger expressed resentment toward the concept of death, questioning who was responsible for this reality. DeVito sympathized, acknowledging Schwarzenegger’s desire to avoid death and emphasizing the importance of cherishing every moment as people age and loved ones pass away.

While a sequel to “Twins” has been ruled out, Schwarzenegger and DeVito intend to collaborate on future projects, sparking curiosity about potential ventures, like a Turbo-Man movie with Arnold as the superhero and DeVito as his sidekick, Booster.

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