A black woman, Sue, stated that she is married with her white husband, Richard. They met at the workd, and immediately fell in love with each other, at first sight. The couple also married in secrecy, to keep things intimate.

But there are some other aspects in their relationship. Richard was coming from a wealth family, as Sue was from a poor family. Richard grow in so much opportunities, while Sue had no much options in her life. Sue stated that she received many prejudice when their story started. She explained that she is financially strong now, with her career, and her hardwork.

As her husband, Richard was talking about his mother, Diane very highly, Sue didn’t met with her. But Sue wanted her own opinion abour her mother-in-law. She wanted to test her to see her true colors.

She bought two Christmas gifts for Diane. One was a handmade stone painting of Diane’s cat, and the other one was a luxurious Gucci handbag. She was going to give the stone first, and observe, and then give the bag secondly, and observe again.

And they were at Diane’s house, for the Christmas where they were drinking their eggnogs. Sue gave the first gift, the stone, and Diane responded with a dry, “Thank you,” and put the stone back in the box.

When Sue asked that if she liked the gift, Diane answered as, “It’s fine, but it doesn’t quite suit my house, Sue. Maybe you should take it back. If I’m being honest, it does look a bit cheap for my taste.”

Then she looked at her husband, who was aware of the test, with a smile.

The funny thing was, Diane bought a $20 movie theatre gift card for Sue, which the woman stated, “I burst out laughing when I unwrapped the card from the flimsy tissue paper.”

Her husband was ashamed with the gift of his mother.

As she was thinking that she maybe should keep the Gucci bag for herself, she decided to keep on with the test.

As Sue give the bag to Diane, her eyes opened widely, after she saw the Gucci sign. She started to examine the bag closely. Sue thought, “She’s trying to see if it’s a fake handbag.”

Then Diane turned to her son, Richard, and said, “You shouldn’t have let her buy me such an expensive bag. And probably with your money, too.”

Richard couldn’t believe the words of his mother, as they had placed an inside bet with Sue.

“Mom,” Richard stated, “Sue bought it with her own money. She earns more than me. I think it’s time you start respecting my wife.”

Richard realized that his wife, Sue was right with her prejudice about his mother. As Sue was hoping she was the person her husband told her, but she was not.

As Richard tried to talk with his mother, it was late now. She was going to think about Sue, whenever she sees the Gucci handbag.