Dollar General quit at the same time – all of them cite the same strange reason

A Dollar General store in Wisconsin has shuttered after all its employees quit simultaneously. Trina Tribolet, the General Manager, and her team left a note at the store’s door explaining their departure. Tribolet cited being underpaid and overworked, working seven days a week for months. She emphasized the lack of appreciation and reward for their hard work.

Despite their dedication to customers, the team felt compelled to leave due to the challenging working conditions. Tribolet highlighted the store’s food donation policy as a significant concern, noting the wastage of perfectly good items that could benefit those in need.

While Dollar General claims to follow Feeding America donation guidelines, Tribolet and her team found the policy distressing, as usable items were being discarded instead of donated. The closure resulted in a new staff taking over the store’s operations, signaling the end of an era for the previous team.

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