Dolly Parton Couldn’t Have a Kid & Became a Protective ‘Fairy Godmother’ to Miley Cyrus Who Is like Her

Dolly Parton, married for 57 years, chose not to have kids after health challenges. In 1984, a hysterectomy dashed hopes of parenthood, triggering a two-year depression. Parton embraced God’s plan, focusing on others’ children becoming hers.

Parton, a close friend of Billy Ray Cyrus, became Miley’s godmother at birth. During Miley’s “Hannah Montana” days, Parton guided her, emphasizing humility amid fame. Parton praised Miley’s professionalism and credited their on-screen collaboration for connecting with a younger audience.

Parton defended Miley during her transition from child star to provocative artist, emphasizing growth and talent. Despite occasional advice, Parton wholeheartedly supported Miley’s journey. Their strong bond was evident in a 2023 duet and a TV special collaboration.

Miley, now 30, views Parton as an idol and role model. The duo’s chemistry and love shine in their collaborations. With a refreshed career direction, Miley appreciates Parton’s guidance and cherishes their “truly real” relationship.

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