Dolly Parton shares why she always has her makeup done

Dolly Parton is without a doubt one of the most iconic singers that have ever walked this Earth.

She isn’t just a blond bombshell whose incredible looks mesmerized millions over the years, but also a strong woman with an incredible personality with a sense of humor and a big heart who has always spoken openly about everything in her life. And that is one of the reasons why her career spans that many years.

This country music legend who is a songwriter, businesswoman, and humanitarian among the rest, has given the world of country music a lot over the years.

When she fell in love with music, Parton was still just a child. She was part of the church choir and at the age of 10 she had already performed on local televisions. At 13, Parton made her debut on the national country radio station, Grand Ole Opry, earning about $20 a week.

“Music was such a large part of our whole family,” Parton recalled. “All of my mama’s people were musical. They all played some musical instrument. Of course, I took my music real serious, and I was always plucking along on somebody’s instrument — whatever they would leave lying around or whenever my family would come. But I always loved the guitar.”

She got her first guitar from her uncle.

Parton added that she dresses and does her hair and makeup for herself and that she feels comfortable in her own skin.

We agree that she looks stunningly beautiful.

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