Everyone should read this woman’s obituary written by herself at least once…

Sonia Todd, a native of Moscow, Idaho, was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 38. Rather than giving in to despair, Sonia faced her mortality with extraordinary grace and humor, leaving behind an obituary that is both heartbreaking and inspiring.

Sonia emphasized her dislike for the usual timeline structure in her self-written obituary, claiming that her life had no major accomplishments. Her two boys, James and Jason, and her husband, Brian, were her finest achievements, she said. Sonia’s existence was characterized by her love for her family and her trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sonia had a distinct viewpoint about her death. She chose to write her own obituary rather than have others create a potentially inflated narrative of her life. Her candor was startling, as she admitted to failing frequently and not always saying or doing the correct things. Sonia’s earnest apologies focused on the minor, daily things that had harmed individuals along the road.

Sonia retained an optimistic attitude despite life’s faults and potholes in the path. She joked about deleting the years from 16 to 20 (or maybe 14 to 22) to avoid the fashion catastrophes of the 1980s. She found lessons in every adversity and was grateful for the blessings life had given her.

Sonia’s obituary was written with a delightful and witty sense of humor. She emphasized the benefits of dying “youngish,” such as not having to pay college loans or worry about serial murderers, telemarketers, or the IRS. She could now forget about wrinkles, the ozone layer, and election season news.

But Sonia’s obituary was about more than simply her. She wanted to thank everyone who had made an impact on her life. She encouraged everyone to send a letter to someone who had inspired them positively, to stop smoking, drinking, and driving, to spend time with a kid, to forgive the unforgivable, and to help young entrepreneurs at lemonade stands. Her final advice was simple but powerful: “Make someone smile today if it is within your power to do so.”

Sonia Todd’s self-written obituary is a moving reminder of the value of living a life full of love, laughter, and a profound appreciation for the people who make it all worthwhile. Her capacity to confront her imminent mortality with openness and grace demonstrates the incredible strength of the human soul. Sonia’s legacy lives on not just via her words but also through the inspiration she provides for all of us.