Everyone’s Favorite Musician, Dead At 56

Paul Woseen, renowned for founding The Screaming Jets and playing bass for the band, has died at the age of 56.

Established in 1989, The Screaming Jets was initiated by Paul Woseen. The original lineup consisted of Brad Heaney, Dave Gleeson, Richard Lara, Grant Walmsley, and Woseen himself. By 2007, the members had chosen different paths. According to the US Sun, the band currently features Dave Gleeson, Jimi Hocking, Scott Kingman, and Cam McGlinchey.

Iconic Musician Passes Away at 56

Among their achievements, The Screaming Jets are best known for three albums that clinched top five spots on the Australian ARIA Charts: “All for One” (1991), “Tear of Thought” (1992), and “The Screaming Jets” (1995).

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The Screaming Jets are planning a four-month tour starting this November, undeterred by the departure of their cherished bass player.

Metro has reported that the details surrounding Paul’s demise remain undisclosed. His devastated bandmates expressed, “With immense sorrow, we announce the passing of our dear rock brother, Paul Woseen. The void left by Paully’s departure is vast. He was the radiant beacon in our journey.”

The band further commented: “Our thoughts are with Paully’s family. We request space and privacy during this somber period.” The world will remember this rock icon.

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