Fact-Check: TRUE – Elon Turned Down A $129 Million Twitter-Bud Light Partnership: “I Have Principles”

The Claim: Elon Musk Turned Down a $120 Million Partnership Between Twitter and Bud Light

Claimed by: Internet journalisticators

We rate this claim: TRUE!

Once again, patriots, we’re delighted to bring you the fact-checks you can count on. True Americans no longer have to rely on “accredited” Fact-checkers who we know are just publishing opinions.

Our investigation covers what you need to know. First, the original story’s author is a credible journalisticator with a well-known publication. Second, the story is something we can probably all agree is plausible.

Third, and most important, the majority of our readers want the story to be true, so there you have it.

As Tucker Carlson said, “You can’t have a free society if people aren’t allowed to say what they think is true.”

That pretty well seals it. This story is, most likely, and for all intents and purposes, probably about as true as possible. Would Musk turn down an offer like that, considering he’s hemorrhaging cash like a stuck pig? Probably. He’s a bit of an egotist, and taking on Bud Light would require he lose some of the more extreme of his followers.

“I’m possibly the most important person alive,” said Musk, “Anyone who knows me knows I forgive and forget, I just don’t even let things go or exonerate a person or entity without good reason.”

Looks like Bud Light is gonna pay big for that wisdom, patriots. God Bless America.

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