A man shared his story about his relationship on Reddit’s r/relationship_advice subreddit. The man shared that friends of her fiancee had suggested that he was not the father of their children. He took a paternity test and learned the truth.

The OP stated, before they married, they welcomed their daughter a year ago. After his fiance, which he called her a fake name, Sarah, learned that she was pregnant, she told one of her friend that OP might not be the father, since she had slept with another man to.

As they were close to their marriage, one of the friends of Sarah, OP’s fiancee, had came to OP and stated that he is not the father, and told OP the story his fiancee shared with them.
As OP didn’t wanted to believe his fiancee’s friend, as he stated, “because everything she said contradicted the person I knew for 5 years, faithful, honest and loving.”
After he learned and confronted with Sarah, he took a paternity test, and found out the he was indeed not the father. OP shared that his heart was shattered. As he wanted advice from Redditors, he concluded his post.

Later in his update about the issue, OP stated that he read almost every advice the Redditors gave him. He shared that they took another test, which didn’t changed the result, he was not the father. OP shared, “I talked to “Sarah”, and a lot emotions rolled out, how could and old friend betray me, I wasn’t sure if it was or wasn’t yours, I’m sorry, how could you not trust me, she was all over the place.”

As she confirmed later, she explained that she cheated on OP with three different man. OP stated that he didn’t get furious, as he was numb against the issue now. He cancelled the marriage, and talked with his parents, which shocked them.

Then OP talked with his fiancee’s parents, and again, they were shocked too. OP stated which he was surprised with their understanding approach to the situation.

After he thought, he decided to leave his “daughter” too, as he couldn’t continue with her, and as he stated, she was too young to remember him, and she wouldn’t even remember OP.

OP continued with stating that he talked with a lawyer about the issue, and the lawyer stated that they need to find the real father. The friend who exposed the truth to OP, stated that she knows two of the three people “Sarah” had slept with.

As he thanked everyone who tried to help him with their advices, he concluded his post.