‘Friends’ Star Lisa Kudrow Has Lived in the Same House with Husband for over 25 Years — a Glimpse Inside

  • Step inside the world of ‘Friends’ star Lisa Kudrow, where love has flourished for over 25 years within the walls of her cherished home.
  • Kudrow has owned the home since 1996 and has occasionally invited us inside its walls through her interviews and social media posts.
  • Join us for an exclusive journey through the career, love, and deep-rooted home of the actress, producer, and screenwriter extraordinaire.

Lisa Kudrow is one of the most successful and beloved actresses in Hollywood. While universally recognized for her portrayal of Phoebe Buffay on the immensely popular sitcom “Friends,” Kudrow’s actual residence deviates significantly from the quirky charm of her on-screen character’s apartment.

For more than a quarter of a century, the actress has called the same Beverly Hills residence home, sharing the space with her husband, Michel Stern. Within these walls, their son, Julian, has grown up, creating a treasure trove of family memories.

Early Years and Diverse Ventures

Born on July 30, 1963, Kudrow has crafted an illustrious career spanning over three decades in the entertainment industry. While her portrayal of the eccentric Phoebe Buffay in the globally renowned sitcom “Friends” propelled her to stardom, Kudrow’s talents reach far beyond the confines of the television screen.

She is also renowned for her exceptional performances in films like “Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion.” In addition to executive production roles in various movies and TV shows, she has ventured into screenwriting, contributing to projects such as “The Comeback” and “Web Therapy.” This multifaceted involvement underscores the depth of her creative talent.

Kudrow’s brilliance transcends the realms of entertainment, and she is worth millions. Engaging in brand endorsements for Nintendo and Aquafina, coupled with the perpetual royalties from “Friends,” her diverse ventures continue to enhance her financial standing.

Kudrow’s financial acumen is evident in her remarkable real estate portfolio, encompassing two residences in Beverly Hills and a penthouse in Park City, Utah valued at $3.6 million.

Kudrow has another home in Palm Springs, where she spent some time during the COVID-19 pandemic before returning to her Beverly Hills mansion, where she spent the rest of quarantine with her son, Julian.

As they celebrated 25 years of marriage, Kudrow and her husband Stern found themselves apart on their anniversary due to pandemic circumstances. The actress, ever the humorist, shared the unique dynamics of their relationship on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” highlighting the challenges and joys of spending such a significant milestone apart. She said:

“We are so used to not actually being able to be together on our anniversary. We are like, ‘Oh, well. Does it matter? I love you. You still love me? Yeah. Great. We’re good.'”

While residing in their Beverly Hills residence with their son, Kudrow humorously remarked on her comparatively lighter schedule compared to her husband. Stern, in the meantime, busied himself overseeing renovations at their Palm Springs property, a role that had him actively tending to various tasks.

Kudrow playfully portrayed Stern’s responsibilities as involving a fair amount of “running around after people with wipes,” showcasing her trademark wit even amid the hustle and bustle of their respective activities.

As fate would have it, Kudrow’s 25th anniversary coincided with the planned release of HBO Max’s “Friends” reunion special, delayed due to the pandemic. Kudrow shared a touching memory with Kimmel from the sitcom. Matthew Perry, her co-star, gifted her a “Cookie Time” jar, a humorous reminder of an on-set improv moment.

In late October and early November, the “Friends” cast, including Kudrow, faced the untimely loss of their beloved friend and castmate, Perry.

Kudrow revealed a delightful story behind the jar, originally a prop from Monica and Rachel’s apartment. During a scene where Kudrow’s character, Phoebe, needed to check the time, she cleverly gestured to the jar, coining the phrase, “Look at the time!”

A laugh-inducing bit that resonated with the cast and made the jar a comical piece forever etched in “Friends” history. When Perry presented her with the jar as a wrap gift, her initial concern was its origin, wondering if he had stolen it from the set.

In late October and early November, the “Friends” cast, including Kudrow, faced the untimely loss of their beloved friend and castmate, Perry. The news cast a shadow over the tight-knit group, a reminder of the bonds forged during a decade of laughter on set.

Kudrow’s Beverly Hill’s Home

In 1996, seizing the opportunities presented by the early success of “Friends,” Kudrow made a significant investment by purchasing a breathtaking 6,400-square-foot residence in Beverly Hills for $1.9 million. This splendid home serves as the cherished abode for Kudrow and her family.

Despite her on-screen eccentricity when playing her “Friends” character, Phoebe, Kudrow’s personal life reveals a more minimal and sophisticated aesthetic. Instagram posts and interviews occasionally provide a sneak peek into the serene elegance that defines her living space.

The few glimpses showcase a modern and elegant design with a largely monochrome color scheme. The living space boasts vaulted ceilings adorned with wooden beams, featuring a cream sofa, a brown suede armchair, and a sleek black TV unit. Adding a playful touch, a box filled with dog toys is casually placed beside the sofa, and the room is adorned with cream carpets.

As revealed in the interview with Kimmel, Kudrow’s residence features a dedicated home office adorned with an array of family photos and memorabilia from her time on “Friends.” Among these cherished items are figurines representing the six main cast members and the iconic Cookie Time jar.

Transitioning to the bedroom, a cozy ambiance prevails, characterized by a black TV unit, a four-poster bed, and a pillow adorned with a photo of her beloved pet dog. Within the kitchen, the presence of wooden cabinets and white countertops establishes a harmonious ambiance. A seamless transition is achieved with a breakfast bar that leads into the open-plan living area.

Lisa Kudrow’s bedroom as seen in a video dated May 26, 2020 | Source: youtube.com/@SAGAFTRAFoundation

Orange stools and cream armchairs add a touch of vibrancy to the breakfast bar area. The dining room boasts a black wooden table, matching cupboards, and a console table, accompanied by white leather dining chairs. An overhead grey light fixture gracefully hangs above the table while a substantial circular mirror embellishes one of the walls.

Surrounded by a lush garden, the house boasts a glass balcony that offers breathtaking views of the city. Modern black sofas with white cushions in the garden provide a serene space for Kudrow to unwind and soak in the fresh air.

The minimalist trend, marked by understated elegance throughout the home, aligns with Kudrow’s personal style, providing a tranquil escape from the bustling entertainment industry.

Kudrow has proven that she is not only a talented and versatile actress but also a loving and devoted wife and mother. She has lived in the same house with her husband for over 25 years, and she has made it a cozy and chic sanctuary for her family.

From the few glimpses she has given her fans inside her home, they can see that it is worlds apart from Phoebe Buffay’s – but just as charming and delightful.