Hardworking Boy, 12, Earns Money All Summer – His Mother Steals It and Accuses Him of Lying

When one boy’s parents refused to buy the toys he wanted, he decided to procure them for himself and worked several petty gigs to save $100. But one day, his mother stole his money and told him that he only imagined he had it!

Is it acceptable for parents to steal from their children, especially if it’s their hard-earned money? One mom not only had the guts to steal from her little boy but also twisted the truth by saying he was lying about having the money.

The Redditor grew up experiencing several nightmares involving his parents, but an incident when he was just 12 stood out. The guy thought sharing this story on Reddit would ease the burden off his shoulders and help him clear his head.

Back in the day, the original poster (OP) loved building toy car models and airsoft guns, so when he found his preferred toys on a website, he was fascinated and yearned to have them. He ran the math and estimated it would cost around $100, including tax and shipping.

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