Here’s how a woman who paid $500,000 to look like a live Barbie doll used to look.

Nannette is a well-known blogger and successful model in addition to being a mother of five children. She accomplished her goal and turned into a “living Barbie from Kentucky.” When Nannette was sixteen years old, she looked like any other neighborhood girl, according to the online newspaper Daily Star.

She had beautiful brown hair, deep brown eyes the color of a deer, and white teeth. Her smile was big. She didn’t like how she appeared, though. She wanted to look like a Barbie doll, which is why she grew interested in cosmetic surgery and makeup.

She had fillers inserted into her lips, had her hair colored white, and lengthened her eyelids and nails. In addition to veneers and face contouring, Nannette also provided brow tattooing. The woman’s appearance in Barbie magazines served as a springboard for a very successful adult publication modeling career.

She even has Playboy magazine covers in her repertoire. Nannette became well-known as an Instagram sensation, amassing over half a million devoted followers. Her husband truly cares for her, supports her constantly, and has even paid for a number of her medical procedures.