Here’s How Whoopi Reacted After Joy ‘Insulted’ Her Live On The View

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in February 2023.

Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t help but burst into laughter when Joy Behar dropped a bombshell revelation about her past on The View. Behar, one of the original cohosts of the iconic show, spilled the beans on how she was “happy” to be shown the door back in 2013.

As the Hot Topics sizzled on the show, Behar, a veteran who’s been there since the beginning with Barbara Walters in 1997, revisited a 2022 chat with Time magazine where she openly expressed joy over her departure from the talk-show circus.Whoopi, a mainstay on The View when Behar made her exit, couldn’t believe it. “Really? All your friends left?” she asked, leaving the audience in speechless silence.