Hero Teacher takes in homeless students, then Ellen plays a video from the school about her

This is a story that will leave you covered in goosebumps and have you in tears.

Meet Sonya Romero. She’s more than just a kindergarten teacher, she’s a hero.

Romero teaches kindergarten at Lew Wallace Elementary school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was an audience member on The Ellen Show but when Ellen heard about what she does, she surprised her and brought her up on stage.

At the start of each day, Romero asks her students two questions:

Have you eaten this morning?
Do you need anything to wear?
If any of her students need anything, it comes out of Romero’s pocket. The tears started flowing after a message from Romero’s students and co-workers began to play. She’s has always looked out for her students, but she went above and beyond when she took in two orphans in need of a home.

Romero didn’t leave empty handed the show empty-handed. In true Ellen Show style, she received $10,000 for herself and another $10,000 for the school.

Watch the touching video above to see it all unfold.

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