Husband Tells Pregnant Wife ‘You Know My Mom Comes before You’

A pregnant woman sought Reddit’s counsel regarding her husband’s concerning behavior. Married for five years, her husband was notably absent throughout her pregnancy due to his close bond with his mother.

In her sixth month of pregnancy, she asked him to be more present for their child’s arrival, but he prioritized spending time with his mother, stating, “You know my mom comes before you.” Feeling neglected, she carried on alone.

During an argument, he left her to be with his mother, exacerbating her hurt. On their anniversary, he left her waiting once more, and when she confronted him, he was with his mother, making her feel like a mere girlfriend.

Reddit users overwhelmingly supported the woman, agreeing that she deserved her husband’s attention during pregnancy. Some suggested open communication, which she attempted, and he promised to change. However, she contemplated divorce if he didn’t. She also considered discussing the issue with her mother-in-law, emphasizing her desire for cooperation rather than competition.

Ultimately, the woman underscored the utmost importance of her child’s well-being, even suggesting that her mother-in-law’s visitation rights might be at risk if her behavior didn’t change.