I Dumped the Man I Really Liked on Our First Date despite Him Offerring to Pay For Whole $400 Dinner

I was single for a few years, being a true workaholic, until my friend gave my number to Alex.

After chatting for two weeks and a few calls, he seemed like the perfect guy – sweet, good-looking, and intelligent.

He works as an architect and is a really funny guy. Yesterday, we finally decided to go to a restaurant, his favorite chain since childhood.

As we sat down for dinner, we shared some personal stories. I opened up about my dream of becoming a surgeon, expressing my dissatisfaction with my current high-paying but uninteresting job.

He told me that he also sometimes hated his job and wouldn’t mind changing it somehow. The evening was going well until our $400 bill arrived.

Without hesitation, I took out $200 to contribute my share. However, Alex, seemingly generous, insisted, “No, please, it will be my treat.”

“You said you’re saving money for your dream. But in your place, I’d save it for breast-increasing surgery.”

He said it too loud and started laughing. Shock reverberated through the restaurant. Even the waiter who served us took a few steps back in disbelief.

At that moment, I felt a mixture of anger and embarrasment. How could someone be so audacious, suggesting I should use my hard-earned money for breast surgery and implying that small breasts needed fixing? Suppressing my initial reaction, I calmly retorted,

“You know, it’s just so awfully pathetic to tell such things to any girl. You know, I would recommend you do a brain-increasing procedure.”

I left my $200 on the table and walked out.

Later, I discovered that Alex was banned not only from the restaurant we dined at, but from the entire chain he loved so much. It turned out that our waiter was a friend of my college buddy Sam, who worked there as a chef. Daniel, who served us, recognized me from pictures and shared the absurd incident with Sam. Using his influence, Sam ensured that Alex faced the consequences of his disrespectful behavior.

Alex tried to call me and recorded tons of audio messages, firstly, screaming that it was a joke. Then, he started telling me that it was so pathetic of not to understand his sense of humor. The last straw was that he tried to connect with my boss, hoping to get me fired. I couldn’t imagine that he could be so mean. It was just nonsense.

It’s called: “I finally went out.” But you know, I’m not going to stop dating. It doesn’t mean that all men are like this.

In the end, I also realized that standing up for myself against such disrespect had its rewards. The incident became a cautionary tale – a reminder that treating others with respect is paramount. As for Alex, he learned the hard way that inappropriate comments have consequences.

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