I Lost It When I Saw My Fiance’s Christmas Gift to Me after I Bought Him a PS5

A woman left Christmas with her future in-laws early after seeing her fiancè’s gift to her. She was appalled by his gift after she made an effort to give him a PS5. A woman’s fiancè made a lot more than her, as he was a pediatrician and she was a hairstylist. However, she didn’t make this an excuse not to give him a good Christmas present.
She saved up for months trying to give her fiancè the one item he’d been raving about for months but never bothered to buy: a PS5. It was challenging to find the gift, as everyone wanted the same console.Her Future Husband Made No Effort Eventually, the woman found one through a relative who added a markup to the standard retail price. “I can’t tell you how much of a struggle it was,” she admitted.

The woman shared her story on Reddit after what transpired that Christmas. She wanted to see what people thought of her situation, especially after all the effort she placed into finding her fiancè the perfect gift.That year, her fiancè put up his private practice. He was in a much better financial state than he was before.

Because of his stable income, he gave his parents his old apartment. He also gifted his brother his old Mercedes Benz, which came with expensive customizations.A couple of days before Christmas, he was clearly busy with his patients. He never bothered to ask his fiancèe what she wanted for Christmas, so she brought it up instead.

She started talking about valuable things she’d be needing in the coming year. He listened to her throughout, and the woman got the impression that he understood what she was saying.On Christmas day, the man’s family celebrated with the couple. Everyone started exchanging gifts and saw the man handing his gift to his fiancèe.

To her surprise, it was a pack of toothpicks. His younger sister started to giggle, recording the entire thing.The woman blinked. She was stunned and did not expect it at all. To make matters worse, the man made it seem as if it was his fiancèe, making things awkward.

The man went on to ask whether his fiancèe accepted the gift or if he should give it to his niece. “He insisted that I just take it and thanked me for the PS5 I got him,” the woman said.

Still stunned by what just happened, the woman walked out and calmed herself down in the bathroom. She could still hear his family giggling, and all she wanted to do was cry.

Her fiancè knocked on the door and said everything was a prank. He blamed the entire thing on his younger sister, who suggested the prank to him.At this point, the woman snapped. She began yelling at her fiancè, and his family gathered to watch them fighting.

She called her fiancè “childish” and “insensitive,” while he claimed she was overreacting. Ultimately, the woman had enough and decided to spend the rest of Christmas at her mom’s house.

Her future mother-in-law called her and blamed her for ruining everyone’s mood. Meanwhile, the woman’s mother defended her, saying everyone was wrong for participating in such a cruel joke.The following day, her fiancè showed up with what was supposed to be her actual gift. He apologized to her and reiterated that the whole thing was his sister’s idea.

Even then, the woman didn’t think the whole situation was okay. Her fiancè’s sister was 23 and had no business doing pranks, while he was the eldest of four children.He asked people on Reddit whether she was wrong for how she reacted. They made sure to assure her that she was not at fault.

” I would have left too. I’d rethink the engagement as well. His sister was being childish and cruel and he just went along with it. He just showed you that he doesn’t respect you and neither does his family,” commented a reader.

“He is cruel, and his family is cruel. You were right to leave as you did,” another commenter agreed. “I’d also tell him this shows you how much he respects you and how much his family respects you and you should rethink about being [a part] of his family,” someone echoed.