I Uninvited My Oldest Daughter and Grandson to Christmas after She Refused to Do Me a Favor

A mother had an unexpected clash with her eldest daughter during Christmas. She asked her daughter for a favor regarding Santa Claus, which led to her uninviting her daughter and grandson from the festivities. The woman, aged 43, approached her 25-year-old daughter, who had a son of her own. Her younger kids believed in Santa, but her grandson did not due to his upbringing.

The conflict arose when the mother requested her daughter to maintain the magic of Santa Claus for her younger children. Her daughter refused, saying she wouldn’t make her son lie. This disagreement escalated, with the mother insisting her daughter discuss the matter with her son, and her daughter accusing her of favoring the younger kids.

The woman and her husband decided to exclude their eldest daughter and grandson from Christmas, aiming to protect the enchantment for their younger children. The question remained whether this decision made her the family antagonist.

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