Isabella Strahan Undergoes Second Craniotomy Following Cancer Setback: ‘I’m in so much pain’

Hearts continue to break for Isabella Strahan as she brings people along on her cancer journey.

Her most recent video is particularly heartbreaking, however, as she details the setbacks that resulted in her needing a second craniotomy five months after her first and the painful recovery that followed.
And as Strahan shared in her YouTube video, she was “actually very nervous […] more nervous for this one because it’s not like my brain that they’re messing with, it’s not as deep… but I’m curious as to what recovery would look like. I’m not excited…at all. I’m actually kind of nervous.”

The surgery consisted of her surgeon reopening her original scar to clean it in order to prevent any infections and to “replace the bone that was initially cut out of her skull.” Tragically, the recovery process left Strahan in a lot of pain.

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