‘It’s been months since I shaved – strangers always ask me the same question’

A woman who enjoys letting her bushy pits run wild says onlookers frequently jump to the same conclusion about her hygiene.

A woman who stopped shaving eight months ago says she is asked the same questions about her body hair every day since ditching the razor. Content creator @ittybittycherry, who posts to a legion of more than 108k followers on TikTok, frequently flaunts her natural looks in a bid to encourage other women to do the same.

But since letting her underarm and leg hair run free, attention has veered towards her looks, with viewers often left asking the same questions. In a viral clip that has racked up more than 118,000 likes, the content creator addresses several assumption people make about body hair, including that it hampers hygiene.

According to the content creator, one of the questions she is most frequently asked is how she washes the hair on her body.

“Literally the way anyone would wash their body,” she answered. “Most men have armpit hair and hair everywhere else, so if you’ve ever seen a man take a shower – just like that. I just get in there with my fingernails and soap and just scrub it.”

Next on her list of most frequently asked questions is whether or not she showers, to which she simply responds: “Yes, I shower. Admittedly not that much right now because I’m in the pool and the ocean all day every day. But yes, I shower, obviously.”

The content creator ditched the razor eight months ago (Image: TikTok / @ittybittycherry)
The content creator also reassured followers that her boyfriend embraces her natural looks, explaining: “A lot of people also ask what my boyfriend thinks, and what did he think when I stopped shaving.

“He doesn’t care he’s totally cool with it,” she noted. “He’s like the sweetest guy on earth and he doesn’t judge me, no matter what. He’s extremely, extremely supportive.”

Body hair has long sparked mixed reactions online, but social media platforms have seen an uptick in videos tackling the stigma, with many TikTokers working together to redefine cultural norms.

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