Jerry Lewis’s ‘Jitterbug’ remembered as the best version of this iconic dance

The late, great Jerry Lewis is still remembered to this day for his brilliance as an actor, director, writer, comedian, and even as a dancer.

While the star of stage and screen is most well-known for his comedy, he was also a brilliant dancer who had the skill and grace to bring comedy into his routines.

One of his most famous performances was from the film “Live It Up.” Jerry plays Homer Flagg, who wants to participate in a Jitterbug contest, but is warned against participating by his friend Dr. Steve Harris, played by Dean Martin. Little did Dr. Harris know that Homer has serious rhythm.

In the final dance of the Jitterbug contest, Homer rushes to the dance floor to join the competition, and the crowd welcomes him enthusiastically while Dr. Harris shouts out “No!” Homer is lucky enough to dance alongside the reigning Jitterbug champion, Sheree North, and the duo showcases some serious dance skills, including shakes, twirls, and leaps.

See the brilliant number in the video below and you’ll know why it’s still raking in millions of views!

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