– Kate Middleton ‘bullied’ into giving out more details about her health issues, royal expert says

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, recently underwent secretive abdominal surgery, leading to a two-week hospital stay. Her hospitalization, initially kept private, sparked intense public and media curiosity, pressuring the Palace into revealing more about her condition. This has been seen by some as a form of bullying, reminiscent of Kate’s past experiences with being bullied at Downe House, her all-girls boarding school.

The surgery took place at the London Clinic, a facility with deep royal ties and a history of treating royal family members. Despite the Palace’s initial reluctance to divulge details, the public’s persistent demand for information has been labeled as intrusive by royal experts.

Richard Eden, a royal commentator, criticized this invasive curiosity, emphasizing that Kate should not feel coerced into sharing personal medical details. The situation underscores the constant scrutiny faced by members of the royal family, particularly in matters of personal health. As Kate recovers, there’s a growing call for respecting her privacy during this delicate time.

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