Kate Middleton under intense pressure and ‘fragile’ – royal expert issues ‘bullying’ warning amid photo mishap

Kate Middleton and the royal family are in a very tough spot after it was confirmed that the latest picture of the Princess of Wales and her children was photoshopped. Several news agencies decided to pull the image from their websites, and conspiracy theories about how Kate is actually doing are growing by the minute.

Meanwhile, Kate apologized for editing the picture of her and her children, and on Monday, she was spotted in a car leaving Windsor with William. However, considering all the drama associated with the edited photograph, not everyone is convinced that it was actually her.

While experts have advised Kate Middleton to take it easy and rest as she recovers from her “planned abdominal surgery,” the controversy surrounding the latest picture has put a lot of stress on the princess. Now, a royal expert is handing out a warning to Kate — which could have dire consequences if she doesn’t follow.

There were several significant details social media users became obsessed with analyzing, including Charlotte’s half-missing sleeve and blurred skirt and Kate’s misplaced zip.