Lisa Hartman Black is a talented star who has been married for 31 years and has been married for 67 years.

It is not often that we find a love story that stands the test of time, especially in the crazy world of show business. But Clint and Lisa Hartman Black have shown that love has no limits.

Lisa Hartman Black
Lisa Hartman Black

From TV Star to Musical Sensation

Lisa Hartman Black first caught our attention with her captivating role in the hit television series Knots Landing from 1982 to 1986. But she didn’t stop there. Lisa also embarked on a successful music career, with her song “If Love Must Go” topping the charts.

Ageless Beauty at 67

On June 1st, Lisa celebrated her 67th birthday, and it’s safe to say that she defies the hands of time. Her youthful appearance and vibrant energy continue to inspire us all.

A Harmonious Family Life

Lisa and Clint share a harmonious life together with their beautiful daughter, Lily Pearl Black. But their love for music doesn’t stop at their own careers. Lisa and Clint, as a duo, have released several songs over the years. And now, they have the pleasure of having Lily join them on stage.

A New Chapter: Mostly Hits & the Mrs.

In 2021, the Black family announced their first-ever tour, “Mostly Hits & the Mrs.” This exciting new chapter in their musical journey is a testament to the love and passion they share not only as a couple but as a family.

A Creative Soul Blossoms

Lily Pearl Black, the daughter of Lisa and Clint, was destined to shine. From a young age, Lily showed a flair for acting and the ability to assume various characters. Her imagination knew no bounds, dreaming of being a British concierge.

A Legacy of Talent and Beauty

Lily’s path was heavily influenced by her parents’ musical talents. Watching them perform and listening to their melodies inspired her to pursue a career in music as well. It’s not just Lisa’s talent that Lily has inherited—it’s also her undeniable beauty. Their resemblance is truly remarkable.

The Key to a Lasting Marriage

Clint and Lisa have spent 31 incredible years together, and when asked about the secret to their lasting marriage, Clint replied, “Love is something you cultivate and protect.” He emphasized their shared growth and the profound impact Lisa has had on his life. Every love song he has written is a tribute to their enduring love.

A Family Worth Celebrating

The Black family is an inspiration—a true symbol of love, talent, and togetherness. Their story reminds us that with love and dedication, anything is possible.

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