Little Girl Mistakes Old Man For Santa In Grocery Store, What He Does Next Turns Heads

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in December 2015.

‘Tis the season for festive cheer and joy as neighborhoods light up with dazzling Christmas lights, filling the air with the aroma of freshly baked cookies. The Christmas season is in full swing, and families are bustling with high spirits, preparing for the most wonderful time of the year.

Photo Credit: Robert Riley/Facebook

For children, Christmas holds a unique and enchanting allure. The anticipation of Santa’s arrival, accompanied by his reindeer, motivates them to be on their best behavior to avoid landing on the infamous “Naughty List.” The tradition of leaving milk and cookies (perhaps with a side of veggies for the reindeer) is a heartfelt gesture to express gratitude and provide fuel for Santa’s arduous journey across the globe.

While many kids attempt to catch a glimpse of Santa on Christmas Eve, hoping to witness his magical descent down the chimney, such sightings are rare. However, one clever little girl managed to spot Santa not on Christmas Eve but in the midst of his holiday shopping, and she couldn’t resist saying hi!

Photo Credit: Robert Riley/Facebook

This adorable tot, accompanied by her parents, encountered a jolly-looking man with a white beard and a red shirt navigating a shopping cart. In her innocent excitement, she genuinely believed she had stumbled upon the real Santa Claus.

While some might offer a quick smile and greeting before continuing their shopping, this man, known as Roger, went the extra mile to uphold the enchantment of Christmas for the thrilled little girl.

Photo Credit: Robert Riley/Facebook

Roger knelt down and engaged her in conversation, delving into her Christmas preparations and inquiring about the cookies she planned to leave for him. Her response, delivered with a touch of humor, included a stipulation – only one cookie for Santa; the rest were reserved for the reindeer!

The heartwarming exchange between Roger and the little girl continued for a few minutes until her parents gently reminded her that Santa had shopping to finish; after all, he’s a busy man during this time of year!

Photo Credit: Robert Riley/Facebook

Undoubtedly, the little girl eagerly shared her magical encounter with Santa at the grocery store with all her friends, savoring the joy of the holiday season. Roger’s thoughtful actions exemplify the spirit of Christmas, spreading love and joy during this festive time – a sentiment that resonates not just during the holiday season but throughout the entire year.

As we navigate our daily lives, let’s take inspiration from Roger and make spreading love and joy a year-round endeavor, creating moments of celebration and kindness in the true spirit of Christmas.

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