Lorrie Morgan Performing Her Late Husband Keith Whitley’s Iconic Hit ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’

Singers, both male and female, are just like the rest of us. Even though they may be a household name and worth millions of dollars, they quite often experience loss just like we do. They deal with happiness and heartbreak as much as the average person does.

For some singers, being in the spotlight does at least allow them to perform a tribute song to their lost loves. That is exactly what happened with country music sensation Lorrie Morgan and her late husband.

Many people say that this particular performance was probably one of the hardest for Lorrie Morgan to ever perform. However, many faithful fans claim that the song is one of her best.

They say she has never sounded better.
Morgan took to the microphone to pour her heart out over her late husband’s death. She performed one of his most iconic songs, pouring her every emotion into the heartbreaking lyrics. Keith Whitley, her late husband, had released “Don’t Close Your Eyes” back in 1988. The song was written by Bob McDill.

“Don’t Close Your Eyes” was the third single from his 1988 album that bore the same name. It immediately shot to the number one spot on the country music charts after it was released. It also became the number one Billboard country single of that year.

Fans all around the world loved the beautiful yet soulful lyrics.

Unfortunately, Whitley ended up passing away after releasing just two albums. He died on May 9th, 1989. Since his untimely demise, four posthumous albums have been released. One was released only three short months after his passing.

The live performance of “Don’t Close Your Eyes” used various videos and pictures of Whitley and Morgan together while he was still alive. As the song comes to a close, fans are treated to a shot of the couple enjoying a slow dance together.

It is truly a beautiful song and video that pays tribute to an amazing country music star.

Whitley and Morgan were joined in matrimony in 1986. The two had one child together, Jesse Keith Whitley. Jesse has followed in the footsteps of his parents and is also a musician.

If you are ready for a truly moving video, watch it here:

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