Man Tells Wife He’s Willing to Adopt Her Nephews but Not Her Niece

A man and his wife were left in a tricky situation when they were tasked with taking in the woman’s two nephews and her niece. Although the man was willing to do it, he had some stipulations.
A man and his wife were in their late 20s and had been married for over two years when she came home one day and told him that they would be taking in her sister’s three children.
Although the man was shocked that his wife had agreed to do so without asking him, he quickly realized it would happen with or without him agreeing to it, so he decided it was best to embrace it.

However, he knew that there was one thing he could not deal with, and he informed his wife of this. She was horrified to hear what he was suggesting, and a week-long argument ensued, leaving the man confused.
What Happened with the Children?
A short while before the man posted on Reddit, his wife’s sister had been found guilty of dealing illicit substances to support her addiction. She would be sentenced that week, and it seemed it would be a long sentence because it was not her first offense.
However, the real problem came when considering her three children: two boys aged four and a girl aged fourteen. Because their mother would likely receive a long sentence, they would need somewhere to go, and nobody on the woman’s side of the family was willing to take them in.

Unbeknownst to the man, the woman offered their home as a place for the children to stay. When his wife told him what was happening, he was shocked as he thought his wife’s parents would take their grandchildren in.

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