Man Treats His Girlfriend to Fancy Restaurant on 3rd Anniversary, Vanishes When the Bill Comes

A man took his girlfriend to a fancy restaurant to celebrate their upcoming third anniversary. Everything seemed to be going well on their romantic dinner date until the bill arrived. At that moment, he excused himself, stating he would be right back, but he never returned. Here’s what happened afterward.

On December 4, 2022, an anonymous female poster turned to Reddit’s “True Off My Chest” forum to share her story. To provide some background, the woman, aged 26, had been in a three-year relationship with her boyfriend, Jeremy, also 26.

She had always been comfortable taking on the role of “the wallet” in their relationship because her parents had been more affluent than his single mom. So, it was always her who covered the expenses when they went out for dinner dates, shopping sprees, vacations, and more.

A couple holding hands in a car | Source: Shutterstock

A couple holding hands in a car | Source: Shutterstock

Notably, the original poster even purchased a car for her boyfriend three months into their relationship because he didn’t have one, and it would be difficult for him to go to in-person job interviews without one—he had been unemployed for over two years by then.

After providing for her boyfriend for years, she was fed up.

OP’s boyfriend, Jeremy, consistently assured her that he would pay her back once he found a job, expressing gratitude for her hard work in providing for both of them. However, it had been two and a half years since he last held a job. Instead, his daily routine involved going to the gym, socializing with friends, or, when at home, lounging around and playing video games.

A few days before sharing her Reddit account, OP addressed Jeremy’s lack of contribution, leading to a substantial argument. Later, he apologized, revealing that he had secured a side job but had forgotten to inform her. He expressed a desire to treat her to a romantic dinner date as a token of gratitude for being an exceptional girlfriend and to celebrate their upcoming third anniversary.

What Happened at the Dinner Date?

On December 3, OP and her boyfriend opted to celebrate their third anniversary at a high-end restaurant. The evening went by smoothly, filled with love and joy until the waiter presented them with the bill.

A fine dining restaurant | Source: Flickr

A fine dining restaurant | Source: Flickr

At that moment, Jeremy mentioned he had left his wallet in the car and assured OP he would be right back. However, after waiting for nearly an hour and unsuccessful attempts to reach him by phone, she took the initiative to settle the bill herself and took an Uber home.

Later that night, OP called her boyfriend, and he apologized, citing that something had unexpectedly come up, leading to his abrupt departure. After providing for her boyfriend for years, she was fed up.

“This wasn’t the first time he’s done this, so I told him that I feel like I was being used and that it was over. I threw all his things out of my apartment and refused to let him come back in that night,” recalled OP. Lacking sufficient funds for a hotel or an Uber to reach his mother’s house, Jeremy found himself spending the night on the streets.

In response to people’s comments, OP revealed how she had been paying for her boyfriend for a long time, and her Reddit account wasn’t the first time he had let her down. “When we were in college (before we started “officially dating”) I always insisted on paying because I didn’t want his mom to have to overspend. I guess it became a routine and now I’m just a wallet,” she expressed.

OP also clarified a few aspects that commenters had pointed out in her narrative. “For the people commenting that if genders were reversed being the financial provider would be considered “normal” and letting your significant other sleep on the streets would be viewed as a criminal offense, I do realize that,” she admitted.

While she felt terrible for how she treated Jeremy, OP explained how she had omitted many essential details from her story. The purpose of the post was not to prove the absolute truth of that particular event but to serve as an outlet for her frustration. Understanding the complexity of relationships, OP remained uncertain about how things would turn out for her and him in the end.

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Do you think OP was wrong for making her boyfriend sleep on the streets because he didn’t pay for their third-anniversary dinner date? What would you do if you were in OP’s place?

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