MARISA TOMEI’S “Creative and Fun My Cousin Vinny Costume Ideas”

Few garments make quite as much of an impact as a catsuit. The skin-tight one-piece look brings to mind such stylish cool-girl characters as Emma Peel from the classic ‘60s TV show The Avengers and, of course, the many on-screen interpretations of Catwoman.

Marisa Tomei’s performance as Mona Lisa won her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, which she accepted while wearing a white gown with black piping, paired unexpectedly with long, glamorous black gloves, and cemented her status as a fashionable “It” girl. Her famous catsuit in the film features an ornate floral pattern that pops against a black background. It has a mock turtleneck and, crucially, a large cutout on the back. The sexy silhouette is made all the more potent by its unexpected, extremely early-‘90s print.






Many of the popular styles in the early ‘90s still carried with them a touch of ‘80s opulence, and Mona Lisa’s looks embody this transitional period. In a red skirt suit with ruffled details, she recalls a supermodel’s take on an ‘80s businesswoman. When she sticks to a monochrome palette, she’ll still be wearing a cropped leather bomber jacket and big sunglasses or a blazer with swirled accents and a corset-like shape. She’s the rare character whose courtroom looks are ready for the runway.