Meet women with ‘biggest’ boobs about – from £12k baps to Finland’s largest melons

Across the globe, near and far, live women with some of the biggest boobs at this time in history – but having a king-sized bosom doesn’t come cheap or easy

Some people in life are blessed with big knockers, while others splash the cash for them.

And for these bunch of women they have some of the ‘biggest’ baps on the planet.

From being implanted with the “biggest on the market” to having ‘Finland’s largest knockers’ – the fully-chested ladies don’t do anything by halves.

Asia Doll
Canadian model Asia Doll always loved the idea of having big boobs.

But the content creator and Instagram star didn’t get her G-cup chest naturally.

Instead of saving for a car or holiday, she saved up for a breast enhancement.

And now she has some of the “biggest on the market.”

“I’ve always liked the big boob look,” Asia Doll exclusively told us.

“I think it looks sexy.

“As soon as I saved enough money to get them, that’s the first thing I did.”

Asia – who has 300,000 Instagram fans – revealed that she’s had two boob jobs that cost her just shy of £12,000.

“My boobs are G size, I got them in two rounds,” she shared.

She has G-cup boobs after two operations (Image: iamasiadoll/Instagram)
“First time was around $7,000 (£5,516).

“Second time was around $8,000 (£6,304) so a total of $15,000 (£11,820).

“I still wanted them to be soft, so the doctor said these were the biggest gummy bear implants on the market.

“If I went any bigger than that it would’ve been rock hard.

“First round was 500cc gummy bear implants, second round 800cc gummy bear implants.”

Martina Big
Controversial influencer Martina Big claims that she’s got the ‘biggest boobs in Europe’ thanks to her 32T breast implants.

The 34-year-old German model launched into the spotlight after her string of surgeries to achieve the jaw-dropping breast size.

Martina Big says she has the ‘biggest boobs in Europe’ (Image: Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

She wants even bigger than her current 32T breasts (Image: Barcroft Media via Getty Images)
She’s had multiple boob jobs and claimed that the 20,000cc expanders she had fitted were made “especially” for her.

Martina’s expandable boob implants are inflated by a doctor who uses a saline solution via a valve under her armpit to give them the massive appearance.

Although she claims to have the ‘biggest boobs in Europe’, she won’t be satisfied until she achieves world domination.

And that’s despite having to use a seatbelt extender while driving and needing to sleep on her back to get any rest.

Sonja Kirstiina
Blonde bombshell Sonja Kirstiina has spent £34,315 on what she believes to be the ‘biggest boobs in Finland’.

The 35-year-old has two-litre (2900cc) breasts – which measure as an N-cup.

Sonja – known as Mrs Ornament to her 800,000 Instagram fans – was a natural B-cup before she decided to go under the knife at just 18.

Sonja Kirstiina says she has the ‘biggest baps in Finland’ (Image: @mrs_koriste/Cover Images)

She has N-cup breasts after having eight surgeries (Image: @mrs_koriste/Cover Images)
She’s undergone seven boob jobs since then after being inspired by 90’s glamour models as a teen.

Her Finnish treasures can even be used to rest coffee on.

But, her prized possessions do not come without difficulty.

“I can’t sleep on my stomach comfortably anymore, and it’s a struggle to find clothes that fit well without requiring any adjustments,” the model and influencer revealed.

“My only regret is not having my breasts enlarged to the size they are now from the start.

“I wish they were always this big, but after suffering a health scare after my last breast surgery, it’s just too risky to continue having more procedures done.”

Chelsea Charms
Chelsea Charms is the ‘woman with the world’s largest boobs’ – and they weigh the same as two watermelons at a size 164XXX.

But, the 47-year-old’s chest measurements are not exactly known.

Chelsea Charms has the ‘biggest boobs in the world’
As she had an unregulated procedure, her bust could keep on growing post-surgery.

The US-based exotic star said that her boobs were increasing by one inch a month – and, that was back in 2011.

Chelsea underwent a now-banned surgery which involves implanting a polypropylene string implanted into each breast.

This causes irritation to the breast lining which creates a serum, then enlarges the breasts.

The process could mean that the boobs continue to grow for an unlimited amount of time, hence the ban.

Her boobs can continue to grow indefinitely
She recently posted a snap to her Instagram with her breasts – named Itsy and Bitsy – on show after taking a step back away from the limelight.

In a This Morning interview in 2011, Chelsea said: “Most of the other girls who have had this procedure have stopped at some point so I’m just waiting for that to happen.”

She’s admitted that she struggles into on-flight loos and carries out regular exercises to be able to support her world-ranking baps.

Jazmyne Day
Jazmyne Day is a Welsh model who lives a life of luxury in Las Vegas with her huge M-cup boobs.

The British bombshell, 29, admitted that she used to be a “couch potato” before she took up a life of glamour and surgical enhancements.

She was cruelly ‘fat-shamed’ for her natural body – so overhauled her appearance with an extreme transformation.

Jazmyne Day has her hands full with her M-cup breasts (Image: jazdaymedia/Instagram)
Ex-accountant Jazmyne shared that she’s spent £29,854 on plastic surgery – including two boob jobs, one Brazilian butt lift, and teeth alignment.

Despite wanting bigger boobs than her current gigantic M-cup, the Welsh native recently shared that she can’t lay down properly because of the size of her chest.

She also finds that people constantly stare at her mammoth bosoms.

That’s not going to stop her from wanting bigger, though.

“Surgery has so much downtime involved so it will be great to just have fun with the body I’ve built,” Jazmyne previously told us.