Missy Robertson breaks the news after her daughter Mia’s surgery

Missy Robertson just provided an update and some pictures of her daughter Mia, who had cleft palate surgery in March. She also shared a number of images from the Duck Dynasty family’s Easter gatherings.

The first images of Mia following surgery were provided by Missy. The 17-year-old underwent her 14th cleft palate surgery.

“What a fantastic weekend! Faith, family, and tons of food are all important.

Mia is doing wonderful! Thank you very much for your prayers and well wishes! Each one of them has been felt by us. She still has a long way to go, but in such a short period of time, she has come so far, so quickly,” she added.

“Resurrection Sunday serves as a reminder that we will one day be free from all physical suffering while continuing to live forever. What a wonderful Hope we have in Jesus! she said in the captions of the pictures.

The Robertson family is shown in the images enjoying Easter Sunday together throughout several generations.

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty, also made a post honoring his granddaughter.

Robertson posted on Twitter, “I met Mia today and told her, ‘Girl, you are lovely.’” “She’s doing wonderful, and it’s been two and a half weeks since her operation. I appreciate all the prayers.

Mia Robertson was born with an opening in the roof of her mouth, which is known as a cleft palate. Her father revealed lately on his “Unashamed” podcast that she has undergone many bone graft procedures since 2012 to mend the cleft as it reopens and separates with age.

In order to set the lower jaw back and the upper jaw forward, the physicians had to break her jaws, according to her father Jase Robertson. Even worse, according to Jase Robertson, physicians are unable to administer any painkillers because “she needs to keep her wits about her” in case she chokes.

A 3D model of Mia’s mouth and jaw following surgery was made by medical professionals. They admitted that they thought they had succeeded in matching that model to Missy and Jase. Although Missy has stated that they are already observing positive indicators of recovery, she is anticipated to battle with some swelling for approximately a year. Over the following twelve months, she will continue to see specialists.

Missy has informed followers of Mia’s condition and prognosis ever since her operation. A lot of it has involved relaxing at home while playing cards and the piano and lounging around.

And just when you’re not feeling well, Robertson’s competitive nature doesn’t stop. Jase recently responded to her request for card games by saying, “I don’t care if you’re sick. I won’t let you win, Missy wrote in her essay.

According to the website, the Mia Moo Foundation was established by the family to assist raise “awareness and finances for treatments of cleft lip and palate.”

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