Mom Fed up with 13-Year-Old Son’s Rudeness Leaves Him a Note — He Storms Out of Home upon Seeing It

When a mom wrote a stern letter to her teenage son, she never expected it to go viral. The post was intended for close family and friends, but when the public read her words, they had a lot to say about it.

Parents have to navigate many complex issues as their kids grow older. Teenagers can be challenging to handle and understand, especially when they declare their independence.

One 13-year-old YouTuber treated his mother disrespectfully, and when speaking to him calmly proved insignificant, she tried another more unique approach.

Read their story and discover how this fed-up mom dealt with her unruly teen and decide if you would do something similar with your brood.

She Gave Her Son a Wake-up Call

Heidi Johnson adored her son, Aaron, but after a heated argument in 2015, she decided that enough was enough. The single mom wrote a letter to her child to give him a wake-up call. Johnson revealed her son would have a “rude awakening” because of his behavior, and she outlined the consequences, noting:

“Not only will he find this [letter] on the door, but his mattress stripped, and the toys and clothes that I bought confiscated.”

She also provided three options for how Aaron could live under her roof: buying his own items, renting his clothing from her, or “[renegotiating] his terms of being a child.”

He Wanted to Be Treated like Her Roommate

The mom explained that her son wanted to be treated like her roommate and not her child, so she obliged. She made him responsible for the usual things a roommate would contribute to, such as rent and everyday expenses.

She was done being his doormat and knew drastic action was needed if he was to change his ways. However, her son did not appreciate her words. He burst out of their home when he saw the letter and refused to speak with Johnson.

Johnson said the judging opinions and nasty commentary made her sad, but she refused to let the negativity affect her. She focused on the positive and was appreciative of the moms who supported and defended her actions.

She believed they were the parents who faced similar experiences with their children or took some time to place themselves in her shoes.

Johnson was adamant about her love for Aaron and assured the public that her actions came from a good place. As a single parent, she tried her best to discipline him in a way that would help him learn from his mistakes.

Netizens comment on Heidi Johnson's Facebook post. | Source: Johnson

Netizens comment on Heidi Johnson’s Facebook post. | Source: Johnson

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