Mom Gets Text Asking If She’s Aware Her Daughter Is Dating A ‘Black Boy’, Her Response Turns Heads

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in February 2019.

In the heartland of Mississippi, a mom is making waves on social media, pushing back against judgment that reached her doorstep regarding her daughter’s choice of a life partner. Heather Boyer, a Houston, MS resident, took to Facebook to share an incident where a friend’s intrusive question highlighted the racial background of her daughter’s boyfriend.

The story unfolded as Kennedy, Boyer’s daughter, innocently changed her Facebook profile picture, prompting an unexpected and, according to Boyer, inappropriate text from a so-called friend. The friend questioned Kennedy’s relationship with a person of color, stirring emotions in Boyer, who then penned a powerful response.

Boyer’s poignant Facebook post went viral, striking a chord with many who have faced similar challenges. In it, Boyer addresses the insensitive question, emphasizing that the color of her daughter’s boyfriend’s skin doesn’t define him. What truly matters to Boyer is the love and respect he shows her daughter.

Kennedy’s relationship is built on shared values, including a commitment to attending church every Sunday. Boyer proudly shares the positive aspects of her daughter’s boyfriend – his involvement in the church band and the unity of their families during Sunday services. Boyer challenges societal stereotypes by presenting a picture of a relationship that defies preconceived notions.

The Mississippi mom passionately dismisses the idea that her daughter’s choice of a partner should be based on race. In a bold statement, she questions whether she would prefer her daughter to be mistreated by someone of the same race or find genuine love with a person who treats her with kindness and respect, irrespective of their racial background.

Photo Credit: Heather Boyer/Facebook

Photo Credit: Heather Boyer/Facebook

Boyer concludes her post with a strong message to those who harbor racist sentiments, asserting that such remarks are unwelcome. Her happiness stems from witnessing her daughter in a loving relationship, something she claims to have never experienced herself.

This viral story from Mississippi brings attention to the broader issue of societal expectations and challenges stereotypes surrounding interracial relationships. Boyer’s stand not only defends her daughter’s choice but also serves as a call for acceptance and understanding.

Photo Credit: Heather Boyer/Facebook

Photo Credit: Heather Boyer/Facebook

In a society often divided by differences, Boyer’s narrative encourages embracing love and respect as the guiding principles in relationships. As the story continues to resonate across social media platforms, it prompts reflection on the importance of breaking down barriers and recognizing the universal nature of love – an emotion that transcends color, race, and preconceived notions.

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