Mom poses for camera with giant belly – when photographer asks her to turn around she breaks down

Jazzy and Rich, expecting their second child, decided to have a pregnancy photoshoot as a cherished memory for their family. Despite weather concerns, they chose a picturesque location with a waterfall backdrop. Jazzy, dressed in a lovely pink dress with her daughter Reign, arrived for the shoot, unaware of the surprise Rich had planned.

As the photographer captured moments of the family, Rich paused the shoot and got down on one knee, revealing a hidden velvet box. The heartfelt moment unfolded, and Jazzy’s emotional reaction became a tear-jerker, beautifully captured in the video.

The couple’s intention was to create lasting memories for their children and grandchildren. The photoshoot, initially planned as a documentation of their pregnancy journey, turned into a touching proposal, making the experience even more memorable for the growing family. The unexpected joy and emotion of the surprise proposal added a special chapter to their family story.

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