Mom reveals the amazing trick she uses to buy food for a fraction of the cost: “I am blown away”

Buying groceries can get expensive, especially if you’re feeding a large family. But what if there was a method to literally halve your shopping spending while also doing good for the environment?

It appears that there is. An application called Flashfood has the key. Additionally, it’s a remarkably simple and efficient method to save a ton of money while stocking your fridge and freezer, as one mom demonstrates in a recent TikTok video.

“DIY/Gardening/Homesteading/Foodprep/Momlife” as described by the author. It truly couldn’t be any easier, as TikToker Dominique Raether (@homesteadingfor3) recently demonstrated for her fans.

Food that is ready to expire can be sold at a discount of up to 50% thanks to a partnership between Flashfood and grocery retailers. Users only need to search for anything they want to buy and click it. The retailers themselves will list anything they have to get rid of on the app.

The Tik-Tok-er states in her video, “My mind is overwhelmed by how many diverse things I got today. She continues by displaying her bounty, which includes 12 chicken breasts, 14 smoked pork chops, 1 bag of bagels, and 2 pork tenderloins. “Overall total, please? About $55.”

Dominique says, “So I’m going to freeze everything.” “And then I’ll just let it thaw as I need it, and then I’ll have a lot cheaper meals,” she continued.

In the United States, where an estimated 30 to 40% of the food supply is wasted, food waste is a significant issue on a global scale.

Furthermore, grocery stores play a significant role in this issue, accounting for 13% of all food waste in the United States. Additionally, throwing away food creates a significant amount of waste since it ends up in a landfill, where it releases a significant number of gases that cause the world to warm up.

The fact that American consumers are accustomed to expecting a large choice of extremely fresh things to always be at their fingertips contributes to the problem. According to the NGO ReFED, “High customer standards for freshness lead businesses to dispose of safe, edible food based on a perception that is past its prime.”

So you can acquire perfectly decent, safe, edible food at a significant discount by using an app like Flashfood and being a little less particular than the normal consumer about approaching expiration dates, benefiting both your wallet and the environment.

Those that followed Dominique were eager to download the app for themselves.

“I adore Flashfood,” one commenter comments. “I also do it. I have a full freezer.”

“I always check this app!” another writes.

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